7 tips for selecting the right one for you


There’s no one size fits all when selecting a real estate brokerage so it’s important to ask the right questions before choosing one to join.

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While your success is not defined by the brokerage, you should focus on the total value proposition the brokerage offers. In this video, we share our experience moving from a big-name brokerage to an independent brokerage to finally settling in with the right one that fits our business model. You are investing in your real estate brokerage as much as they are investing in you. Does their image align with your personal brand? This episode reviews different brokerage fees, training programs and how company culture will help you become a better real estate agent.


    • Can anyone provide the definition of a “real estate expert” as in the logo under each of the two agents’ names at the podcast.
      Unless rules have changed, in Ontario (the pair of agents in the podcast are clearly in BC) the term / descriptor “real estate expert” is forbidden. Is such under provincial control or managed by CREA?

      And, again, what exactly makes one an “expert.” Can anyone answer? I saw the bulk of the long podcast as discussing training provided or not, and travelling to the Buffini training programs for many days at a time, referred to as university, and what each of the noted brokerages they had left behind, mentioned by name, did or did not provide. And how one brokerage went from 45 agents to 600 agents. There’s so much more involved than marketing. And if a sales rep needs help to make a feature sheet describing a new listing perhaps they are in the wrong business? The graphics person most likely has not seen the subject property, so how does that work?

      Having started in 1980 I am clearly old, but the lack of official training back then we all had to work through on our own fly by the seat of your pants method. In the end, being successful is completely tied to how motivated you are (on your own). Mostly it comes down to a personality match and if you are a “groupie” personality or a loaner.

      In any case choosing a brokerage is difficult because you don’t know how the shoe fits until you try it on for size and determine if “the last” used to design it was compatible with shape of your foot.

      Was the podcast helpful or informative… likely not for most agents trying to decide what brokerage to join.

      Happy hunting. Only time will tell. Jimmy Cox current REM article is worth reading to help prepare for a real estate career. It identifies how it really can be in the real estate business.

      Carolyne L 🍁


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