As a real estate professional, you’re almost too busy to read this.


The thing is, you know online marketing is paramount. Your website is in dire need of decent content, but blogging is about to drive you nuts!  Even if you did find time to sit and write, you don’t have the foggiest clue what to say. The blank page stares you down and you leave frustrated.

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Once you’ve figured out what to talk about (and why), you’re halfway done. When you know that, the writing follows much easier, trust me. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of six topics to write about on your real estate blog. These might just be the kick-start your blog needs.

1. What are the top three FAQs people ask you?

Be the answer. Clients, neighbours, colleagues and family – they’ve all asked you something in the last few weeks. What three questions have been the most frequent, or asked by the most people?

The answer to each of those is its own blog post. They won’t be the only ones asking, so take the opportunity to be the answer.

2. What event did you attend or host recently?

Whether business related or not, it’s an interesting piece that could shed light on to who you are.

From trade shows to the fair, family gatherings or an industry conference, there are lots of stories to tell and parallels to draw on. For example, one of my clients hosted a Christmas event each year specifically for those who had no one to spend the holiday with. It wasn’t a promotional thing, she didn’t charge or fundraise for it – it was a kindness she paid for from her own pocket just because she cared deeply for the lonely.

By announcing it and telling the story of why she cares about the lonely (because she’s been there), she demonstrated likeability, trustworthiness and generosity. I still choke up a bit when I think of it. That was a winner.

The goal here is to connect with your reader, not to sell yourself to them. Just be yourself. That’s what they really want to see anyway – who are you?

3. Recollect a moment this week when you were inspired and share it.

Try to keep it related to your business or clients’ needs.

Everyone likes to be inspired by a heartwarming moment. (Why else is Facebook full of cat videos and image quotes?) Try sharing one such moment that inspired you and then somehow tying it into your business. (Perhaps it makes you grateful for the freedom of employment, thrilled to be doing what you love, teary to be helping people the way you do or motivated to deliver attentive service.) Your readers will be inspired and like you even more for touching their hearts that way.

4. Write about a common mistake people make in your industry.

Each mistake is its own post. This can be a huge source of blog fodder. The trick is to make it educational and helpful to the reader and to avoid a rant. Even professional rants are just rants – how does knowing about the problem help your reader? Educate them. Rescue them. Help them protect themselves. That’s what they really want and need.

5. Share a client’s experience.

If they were blown away by results or inspired by your service, others will be too. Do not think testimonial! This is not an obvious, “Joe is the best agent ever” shtick. None of this is about sales – it’s about benefiting your reader. The story should educate them about a problem, open their eyes to a new option, make them laugh or make them cry big drippy tears of inspiration.

6. What do you wish your clients would ask?

Do you ever wish people would ask you some key questions? Ever feel like clients don’t even know what they don’t know? What SHOULD they be asking that they’re not? List those questions and turn each one into a post. Work it backwards – what’s the answer they need? Why do they need it? (Will it protect them? Save them money? Save them loads of time? Remember to think of what they want and speak to that.)

The hardest thing about blogging is not the planning, the strategizing or even coming up with a great headline. The hardest thing is writing it. (This coming from a writer!)

Arming yourself ahead of time though, with a specific topic in mind, goes a long way to battling that blank screen – and winning.

What’s your biggest blogging challenge? Share in the comments!


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