Most people looking to buy or sell in the real estate industry do so with the aid of a real estate agent. The best real estate salespeople aren’t necessarily those who engineer the most sales, but those who create good experiences for their clients in the process.

The sales rep is the sparkplug of the industry. He has a stake in the actions of buyers, sellers, property managers and builders. His work description is highly varied. He could act as a salesperson in one moment and in another he is advocating for a buyer. He is an auctioneer, a negotiator, a consultant, a home loan guide and a clerk. At any time of the day, weekdays and on weekends, he can be called upon to provide his services. Little wonder then that good real estate sales reps are in high demand.

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If you want to up your game, here are some tips to help:

1. Show professionalism:

Even if the many different roles involved in being a real estate agent is fun for you, note that it is a business and not a hobby. It is about satisfying clients and making money. Now is not the time to take things too lightly or mess around. It is up to you to manage your schedule, cash flow and your brand. Your actions determine how far you go in the business. Any unprofessional conduct could come back to bite you down the line. When you fail to satisfy a client, your reputation is tarnished, not just in the eyes of the direct client but to everyone they know as well.

The way you dress can also speak volumes of your level of professionalism. Create a smart approachable appearance through your clothing, hair and accessories that are appropriate for your local market.

2. Build lasting relationships:

Relationships are the backbone of any business and the same holds true in the real estate industry; perhaps more so than most. The best real estate agents understand that people, not properties, keep their business going. They create a sphere of influence around them to increase their pool of prospects.

Maximizing your business opportunities as a real estate agent is as simple as participating in the community. You could volunteer with your local real estate board, coach a little league team and attend meetings at your local place of worship. Get some exposure and let people know what it is that you do. When you meet people, treat them with courtesy and show some interest in who they are and what they do. Collect cards and exchange phone numbers where you can, since any one of your contacts may very well be your next client.

3. Learn the lingo:

In communicating with customers, clients and prospects, it is essential to have knowledge of the language they speak. The real estate industry is very slang-specific, so in addition to the basic business terms used regularly, add some of the lingo specific to real estate, taking note of its use in context. For example, “comp” is used to describe similar properties sharing comparative pricing. Don’t overuse industry speak but have fun with it.

4. Work hard and smart:

Great agents hustle hard. Any highly rated agent could tell you that his secret to scoring great results lies in hard work. The competitive nature of the real estate business means there is simply no room for slackers.

Being a great sales rep doesn’t necessarily mean you must constantly put in straight 12-hour days. It is about strategic planning and doing what is necessary to ensure you close deals. Often, all you need to make the sale is a little extra time and effort put in; the extra call in the evening or walking a prospect around a property on a Saturday morning.

5. Technology is your friend:

Don’t stay in the dark ages. When you are working in a constantly evolving industry like the real estate sector, you need to move with the times. The changes in communication, advertising and marketing as a result of technology and the Internet create endless opportunities for salespeople who are willing to take advantage of them. The real estate market is now dominated by the Internet, making it possible to reach potential clients through various channels quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

Engage in continuous re-education on the latest ways to effectively integrate new technology with your business. Real estate agents who make it big in the business simply cannot afford to ignore social media, virtual tours and other efficient means of engaging prospects.

Becoming a force in the real estate industry takes professionalism, hard work and communicating in the language your clients understand. Become a networker and let people know what you do. There is always a new client around the corner.


  1. “The best real estate salespeople aren’t necessarily those who engineer the most sales, but those who create good experiences for their clients in the process.”
    “Any unprofessional conduct could come back to bite you down the line.”
    “The way you dress can also speak volumes of your level of professionalism.”
    Hear, hear, hear.
    Based upon the above quotes, professional real estate salespeople are few and far between. Why? Because success is measured by numbers of sales only. Because unreported unethical conduct is rampant per Stan Albert’s comments within another story recently authored by him herein. Because too many Realtors adopt a casual dress code, which thereby indicates their casual attitude toward the importance of their vocation, and finally, because newbies quickly fall prey to the old-school underlying “sell, sell, sell” cultural attitude that permeates the industry and they copy what they see being practiced by their less-than-professional peers whom are vastly outnumbered by the real professionals. Those newbies who do survive the ongoing never-ending cull thence adopt the by-then familiar old-school attitudes and behaviours because that is what has worked for them thus far. Unprofessionalism begets more unprofessionalism. Thus real professionals are always in the minority of the ever-churning Realtor population. The cycle continues unabated as industry-accepted versions of what makes a good salesperson are further entrenched. Money, lots of money, talks, as usual.
    I would posit that far too many brokerages will always opt for the high producers (no matter how they achieve those transactions…”Shhh…cover your tracks well”) over professionals whom value quality of service over quantity of earnings. The problem remains as one that is condoned from the top internally, but that is condemned from the top only externally.
    “Kimosabe…greedy bastards speak with forked tongues.”


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