Did you know that 65 per cent of online shoppers have engaged in a live chat at some point? That means the lions’ share of Internet-savvy users are engaging with vendors of products and services online. Are you missing an opportunity to engage with the website visitors that you’ve worked hard to earn?

Live chat is a truly untapped resource in the real estate industry. While a small percentage of trendy early adopters have incorporated this technology into their websites (less than five per cent), very few agents have given it the time, attention and knowledge it takes to turn this innovative technology into a lead powerhouse.

Integrating a live chat technology into your website offers you a free (with a paid model available for added features) proactive opportunity for engagement with potential clients. Live chat is a phenomenal lead-generation tool, but like any great tool it’s only a toolset and you still have to put in the virtual elbow grease. In this case, virtual elbow grease means being online on a regular basis, responding to queries in lightning speed and engaging pre-emptively with website visitors.

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Succeeding with live chat

There are a number of elements to succeeding in lead-generation with live chat.

  1. Traffic: Using live chat without website traffic is like holding an open house with no advertising. If your website isn’t garnering traffic already then you’ll need to invest in SEO, PPC, social media marketing or another form of on or offline advertising.
  2. Proactive chatting: Only a tiny percentage of your chats will be initiated by the user. This means you need to be active in proactively engaging your users.
  3. Research: Knowing a little about the user before chatting is important. Use your chat tool to look at where they are chatting from, what page(s) they’ve visited, what pages they navigate to while chatting, how many times they’ve visited before and if they’ve already chatted with you. For example, if they’re looking at one of your listings, give them a tidbit of info not available to the public.
  4. Triggers: Set up “triggers” that send a pre-selected welcome message to users based on the time of day, amount of visits, current page, number of prior visits or dozens of other triggers.
Chat Ninja-level tip: Find a pain point

Once you’ve found your voice and have begun to engage people, use your chat to find a pain point. People are incredibly open with the anonymity of online chat, so use that to your advantage.  Solve the thorn in their side and you’ll find it a cinch to turn this online chat into an offline deal.

Following the above five tips will put you on track to becoming a live-chatting, lead-generating ninja in a blazer. From there it’s a trial-and-error learning process to hone your skills.


  1. Soon we will see Drone Realtors who never leave their desks/computer screens/keyboards.
    “Mr./Mrs./Ms. prospect: Thank you for visiting my professionally-produced website. I have only been in the business for three weeks, but because of technology I have been able to work like a real pro thanks to technology allowing me to release my inner creative spirit.”
    “Send your drone over to meet my drone at 123 Virtual Home Way and I will de-activate the front door electronic lock-box from my keyboard. Make sure you drone-cam is set on high resolution. Make sure your drone’s propellers are pitched for quiet flight and are spinning at low R.P.M.’s so as not to raise too much dust inside the house. The homeowner’s computer has been left on sleep mode, so we don’t want to disturb it either.”
    “Once inside I will guide your drone via deft use of my velvet-coated joy stick through the house, starting in the flooded basement (does your drone have pontoons?) and rising to the first and second floors in that order of ascent. If the owner’s drone is home, please do not allow your drone to be in the same room in case their drone-cam locks on to your drone-cam. There have been some virtual misunderstandings in the past when this kind of virtual interaction has taken place. During one such incident a homeowner’s drone was equipped with a tazer-like apparatus, and when the homeowner’s drone and the buyer’s drone nearly collided in the bathroom, the homeowner’s drone fired off the tazer, landing the buyer’s drone in the toilet…which had not been flushed for awhile. The buyer drone’s insurance coverage would not cover the damage to the drone because the damage was sustained due to what the insurance company categorized as terrorist activity.”
    I could drone on and on about the negative effects of technology on our psyches, but I have to go now; my bee hive is all abuzz…too many drones are waking up after the winter hibernation, and they are flying all over the place in a half-awake drunken-like stupor looking for females to fertilize. Lucky for me I armed the females with mini-tazers. I expect to see the drones falling from the virtual sky like virtual mini-sacks of wet cement whilst my females do the grunt work and produce that virtual honey that my virtual tongue so likes to virtually suck on.
    Damn!…what do you use to get honey off of my sticky keyboard fingers; my virtual major-domo finger is stuck to the ?????????????????????????????????????????????? key… again.
    I think I need more virtual on-line education about how to professionally control my joy stick. How else can I expect to become a virtual professional Realtor?
    If I cave in to this technology heist of in-your-face Realtorship and buy a drone, I am going to soup it up so that my drone can kick everybody else’s drones’ asses…er…tails, to the point that my drone will be the only drone left flying in my farm area. Crashed competitors’ drones will litter the battlefield like Tim Horton’s empty “Rollll Up The Rim To Win” loser coffee cups. My drone will drag a banner around the neighbourhood proclaiming “LIST WITH MY VIDEO SKY-PILOT AND VIRTUALLY SELL FASTER FOR MORE MONEY!”. My drone will also be armed with a no-nonsense air-to-air anti-competitive refurbished super-elastic bull-frog tongue equipped with dual Super-Glue-tipped enemy-drone-grabbing suction cups. My drone will be the bee’s knees. I will be a professional…finally.
    Technology: Love it…not.

  2. Broker Owners should be aware that “Live Chat” is governed by all the rules and regulations applicable to your provincial trading legislation. This means to protect your brokerage and the businesses of your registrant brand users, a protocol or standard of practice for “Live Chat” should be in force in your brokerage before any registrants are allowed to utilize this lead generation tool.

    “Live Chat” records every word in your online interactions with consumers which has both positive and negative consequences to be considered before using.

    Outsourcing “Live Chat” does not avoid your obligation under the act and in fact probably only adds an increased risk of causing serious financial damage to your brokerage if an educated consumer uses the Chat contents to make a buy or sell decision in the future.

    “Live Chat” can be great but only if utilized in a manner that ensures trading reg. compliance.


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