3D open houses simulate redecorating in minutes


What if you could put your own furniture into a house and walk around in it before you’ve bought it or even had a chance to set foot inside it? It might sound impossible, but Utherverse Interior is “promising to bring about a revolution in the real estate industry with virtual house tours that replicate every detail in 3D and to scale—from the colour of the walls to the fixtures and down to the outlets, even the view from the windows,” the company says. “Potential buyers can walk through the virtual model as an avatar before they ever visit the house in person.”

Once a house is modeled in 3D (for a few hundred dollars, the company says), UtherInteriors.com can simulate redecoration including changing the colour of the walls, replacing furniture, reupholstering, putting in new carpet or any physical change a homeowner or potential homeowner can imagine.

“Buyers can now get an in-depth preview of dozens of homes in a single day, allowing them to focus only on those houses that they know they like,” says Utherverse Interiors founder Brian Shuster. “All of the energy and commuting around for potential buyers and agents is greatly reduced. This breakthrough has hugely simplified the entire home-buying process from start to finish. As an agent, you can run 50 house tours a day if you want.  As a buyer, you’ll know exactly how your home will look before you even start to pack.”

For information: www.utherinteriors.com


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