What’s the fastest way to double your productivity and start getting twice the success in your business? Why do certain people make more money and have more free time and lots more energy?

Here are three mindsets for success and productivity:

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Mindset No. 1: Speed of implementation.

You want to get from where you are now to where you want to be fast, so you need to bridge the gap between what you know and what you’re doing by implementing quickly. By staying in your comfort zone and settling for what you have today, you will remain the same because there’s no action. However, if you implement your ideas fast, you will break your old ways and create new mindsets that you can expand on.

Studies have shown that the common denominator among successful people is speed of the implementation. When they had a great idea or great insight, they put it to work in their business right away. Most people think about it, they go learn some more stuff; they talk to people about it. They don’t actually go and implement it – and they miss out!

Why do you want to implement things quickly? Because if you don’t, some other ideas are going to come along and you’re going to forget and it’s not going to hardwire itself into your mind. It’s not going to become part of your unconscious, your habits. When you implement and actually do something in the world, you get feedback because that’s the law of cause-and-effect. The world gives you feedback because it’s based on experiential learning – the most powerful kind of learning.

Write down “speed of implementation” on a Post-It-Note and put it on your computer monitor.

Mindset No. 2:  The critical counter-intuitive.

What this means is that the next-best step you need to take in order to succeed is usually not obvious and is illogical. It’s generally counter-intuitive, meaning it’s the opposite of what you normally would do.

I first learned about this when I started my practice as a coach. When I started out, I had the opportunity to be mentored by Bob Proctor to learn his Thinking Into Results coaching system. I had been recently fired from a job and had no income. Justifying the investment of $20,000 to learn how to coach didn’t make sense. But as you can guess I went against my critical counter-intuitive mind and invested in my future.

The next step on the path to your success is not logical and it’s probably counter-intuitive.

Mindset No. 3: The mastermind.

The secret of the super successful is that they’re in a mastermind. It is the best way to obtain unlimited results. A mastermind is an alliance of two or more people that come together to creatively put their energy behind one definite purpose.

It’s like a fighter jet. It is powerless until it has engines. When you install them and press the start button, the plane then can lift off the ground and fly.  Likewise, each of us needs the other to bring out our highest and best talents, resources and abilities.

Masterminding is the blending together of mind power and action to obtain unlimited results. None of us can be totally successful alone. You have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

We need other people to support and energize our goals and discover the best that’s within us and in the group. We need others to lift us up and to see more than we see in ourselves. We need others to support and work with us, encourage and empower us and to help us fulfill our goals within the mastermind.

I see people get stuck in their logical thinking mind and their paralysis of analysis or say, “I’m going to go and study productivity for three years before I do anything” or, “I’m going to take two years to get my life in order before I can do anything because I want to get everything in the exact right place.” These are usually the wrong decisions.

Here’s the bottom line: success isn’t a game where you take one action and then you are successful. It involves planting many seeds of success and then putting them together so that success emerges from them.

There isn’t going to be one single technique, principal or magic pill that will cause success, it will be all these elements working together that will create success for you.

I’ve done a considerable amount of research and years of testing on a variety of methods to improve my productivity. I discovered that the most significant thing you can do for your overall productivity and success mindset and made a five-minute video for you.  Watch it here: www.danlefave.com/productivity/

Dan LeFave is the “Prepare for Success” coach, No. 1 best-selling author, speaker, habit-changer and the creator of the online program Live Without Limitations – Five Easy Steps to Release Old Limitations and Balance Your Life. He has been profiled on radio shows, in magazines, articles and podcasts, from Manhattan to Vancouver. Dan’s motto is, “Thoughts become untangled as they pass through your lips and over fingertips.” Visit his website.


  1. Great tips Dan, We have made many changes to the operations of our business. There are so many great product available for real estate. I love our CRM as well as Evernote is one of my favorite tools. Finding the right people to help implement processes really gets them done a lot faster.


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