A Saanich Peninsula estate has sold for the full asking price of $22.75 million, setting a new record in Victoria for the highest value residential sale.




Sink or swim: How to understand, plan for and mitigate the risk of water...

Flooding has been increasing in frequency and severity across the country for the last several years, and the Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates that approximately 10 per cent of Canadian homes are at high risk of flooding.

How to find a compatible business partner

The key is finding a compatible partner, which sounds daunting, but actually, it’s surprisingly simple to get started. So, how do you find a compatible partner?

Look for the real estate market to level off

CREA data tells us the March 2021 peak of over $716,000 is now a thing of the past. The average price in August was $663,500, about the same as July. For four straight months, prices headed south before leveling off.

Legal Issues

Oral agreement results in years of litigation between father and daughter

Agreements between family members are often informal and not reduced to writing, even if they involve substantial assets such as real estate. The lack of a written agreement may lead to years of costly litigation.

Fulfilling purchase agreements in good faith

In Tsui v. Zhuoqi, Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice addressed two complex issues. First, what duties do sellers owe purchasers when damage to a property may be substantial and second, what constitutes substantial damage to property?

Buyers lose right to recover deposit after seller breaches agreement

A buyer who wishes to take advantage of a seller’s breach of the APS and seek the return of the deposit must indicate that they intend to do so within a reasonable time, or else they will remain bound to complete the transaction.
RE/MAX By The Bay
We are excited to share that RE/MAX of Wasaga Beach Inc has recently undergone an exciting new rebranding, in which they made the decision to change their company name. With that, we are proud to introduce RE/MAX By The Bay Brokerage!

Products & Tech

Teranet launches online platform for real estate funds transfer

Teranet recently launched the pilot of SureFund, an online platform designed for secure and contactless real estate funds transfer.
David Greenspan

David Greenspan offers “direct, raw and real” approach to coaching

David Greenspan, founder of #MindShare101 based in Toronto, is now offering one-on-one coaching that he says is a “direct, raw and real approach to coaching. It is to motivate you and give you the advice you may not want to hear but that you need to know.”

Re/Max, CIBC contest offers chance to win $100,000 towards first home

Re/Max Canada, in partnership with CIBC, is holding a contest in which first-time homebuyers have the chance to win $100,000 towards the purchase of their home.

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